Ep. 11 – Selecting Sperm Via Magnetic Nano Particles to Improve IVF Outcomes

We’re joined by biochemist, Henry Clemente, of Clemente Associates to discuss the use of magnetic nano particles for selecting higher quality sperm. For nearly three decades, Henry and his company have worked with researchers from notable universities to develop diagnostic, therapeutic and imaging uses for magnetic nano particles. With relationship to their use with sperm, magnetic nano particles were first utilized in veterinary medicine to help “purify” a sperm sample.

Today, the science has bridged into human reproductive uses for similar purposes. The purification process allows from the removal of “damaged” sperm from a sperm sample; reducing a much larger sample to a smaller, highly purified one. When utilized, results obtained have shown an increased rate in the number of chromosomally normal embryos available for transfer compared to when not utilized. We are just now at the ground floor as this methodology is just now beginning to be utilized in some IVF centers in the United States.

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